Signal-boosting — Call For Female Writers From Obverse Books

I was about to post a short review of Lawrence Burton’s excellent Faction Paradox novel and Phil Purser-Hallard’s equally excellent Senor 105 novella (a post which will go up tomorrow or Monday instead), when I went to the Obverse Books website to get links to put in the post, and saw this.

Obverse are putting out, next year, an anthology of Faction Paradox short stories, and it’s to be written entirely by women. From the FAQ:

Are unpublished women writers welcome?

Extremely! I’ll be setting up an (optional) online workshop so that the anthology’s contributors can read and give feedback on each others’ work.
If you have not previously been published, please include the first thousand words of your story with your pitch.

Why an all-woman anthology?

The majority of the writers published by Obverse so far have been men. This anthology is an attempt to circumvent whatever barriers are preventing Obverse from connecting with a larger number of talented women.

I’m a transwoman. Can I pitch?

Absolutely! You too, genderqueer folks.

What do I need to know about Faction Paradox to write for this anthology?

Other than what’s in this document – pretty much nothing! I’ll provide Faction-related content in the form of small stories that fit between each story in the anthology, featuring Tefen and Triphis and their competition. However, if you are familiar with the series, feel free to use its mythology in your pitch.
If you would like to know more, Lawrence Miles’ introduction to his creation is online at:

What genres and styles of short story can I pitch?

Each story needs a strong science fiction or fantasy element. We might see the Earth conquered by extraterrestrials, machines, memes, ghosts, mermaids, intelligent cosmic rays, mutant dogs, gods from a parallel dimension… the more original and weird your invasion force, the better. (Please avoid these heavily used fantasy creatures: vampires, werewolves, fairies, dragons, and zombies.)

However, the stories can present that SF/fantasy element within any genre: romance, horror, comedy, espionage, adventure, police procedural, technothriller, historical intrigue, psychological drama, you name it.

Any setting on Earth is appropriate, and any time, past, present, or future. The well-researched use of non-Western settings, culture, and mythology is encouraged. Characters of colour, characters with disabilities, and characters with alternative sexualities are also welcome. Adult content is fine, but please avoid sexual violence and child sexual abuse.

The stories can be told from the point of view of the subjugated humans – victims, collateral damage, resistance, collaborators, dupes, ordinary people just trying to get on with their lives – or from the POV of the conquerors; but each story will show some of the consequences of colonisation for the human race.

Now, I think this would be a perfect anthology for several of the women I know to submit to. Note especially that *you do not need to know much about Faction Paradox* in order to submit. I also think that this is something that should be supported wholeheartedly — Obverse are a company that put out great work, and it’s always good to see people consciously trying to fix an imbalance.

I’ve not mentioned this before, because the book’s not even finished yet, so there’s every possibility they’ll turn down the finished manuscript and make me look foolish, but the novel I’ve been working on is for Obverse, and I also have a short story in contention for a possible future anthology they’re putting out. I say this just to let people know that I’ve had dealings with two different Obverse editors as a writer, and they are very, very easy people to work with.

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10 Responses to Signal-boosting — Call For Female Writers From Obverse Books

  1. Jennie says:

    I might have to look into this…

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Yeah, you were one of the people I was thinking of when I linked this.

      • misssbgmail says:


        I know knack all about faction paradox, mind.

        • Andrew Hickey says:

          Well, if you want any advice, you can just ask.
          Also, I passed on all those spare copies of Faction novels to you at new year (I think it was James who wanted them). Read through The Book Of The War, which I think you’ll like anyway, because it’s great, and you’ll have an idea of the kind of thing they’re after. I can also lend you my copies of the first two short story anthologies if you’d like.
          But the good thing about Faction Paradox is that the stories don’t actually have to be *about* Faction Paradox in any way. It’s a genre more than anything else.

          • misssbgmail says:

            Yeah, I’m getting that from the website.

            I am currently reading Wild Cards, but I can always chuck in some of the books you gave James too :)

            • Andrew Hickey says:

              The Book Of The War is a good book to browse, because it’s a guidebook rather than a novel, so you can just read individual entries (all of the entries have cross-references to other entries in the book). Some entries you might like to start with: “You” Diversions, The Younger World Story, Women (Dressing Up As), Timeships, Through The Eye Of Eternity, Rasputin, Pinnocchio (Cousin), Piltdown Mob, Parablox, New Young Gods, Mystery Of Edwin Drood, Imperator Presidency, Hollow Spectaculars, (House) Halfling, Great Houses.

              Other than The Book Of The War the book I think you’d like best out of the ones you have is Warlords Of Utopia, where all the worlds where Rome never fell go to war against all the worlds where the Nazis won, written in a style pastiching I, Clavdivs and with a couple of Python references thrown in.

            • Holly says:

              He’s trying to use this as an excuse to get me to read Faction Paradox books, too.

              He also told me as soon as I got home from the pub yesterday that I should write a story too, and that you were going to do it, in a cutely obviuos peer-pressure style :)

              • misssbgmail says:

                LMAO the true motive revealed! I bet he wants us wrestling in jelly or something… ;)

                • Holly says:

                  The great thing is the plausible deniability he has. “No, no, I really do want you to write stories!” I’m sure he does. But note how he doesn’t deny wanting to see us wrestling in jelly!

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