Linkblogging For 03/03/13

Next week I start my new job, have a local party AGM to attend, and I’m going to see both the Magic Band and Richard Thompson, and I’m still working on the novel, so it’s unlikely I’ll have much more up here. After that, though, things should with luck settle down a bit (until the last week of the month, anyway, when I’m going to see Richard Herring, Mark Steel, a classical concert and the stage adaptation of The Ladykillers — March is a busy month) and I’ll be writing here again. Meanwhile, have linkses.

Eastleigh shows why the Tories and Labour should support PR in local elections.

Procrastination is not laziness

On autism spectrum conditions and anti-harassment

Autistic people are strong

Getting your priorities right

Richard Morris thinks the secret courts bill might be another NHS bill in the making

Alex on Eastleigh and on Day Of the Daleks

The Make White People Behave Act

Millennium on Eastleigh and Rennard

The Lion King

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