OK… I’m working on a ton of stuff at the moment, writing-wise, and when I’ve finished this novel I’ll be doing posts on Doctor Who, Promethea and the Beach Boys at a fairly fast rate. But I have a whole series of posts lined up in my head, which I *DEFINITELY* need to write but which I probably won’t get round to for (thinks…) at least six months. So I’m just going to dump a single important sentence here and leave it for now, as a reminder to myself as much as anything:

The single biggest failure-mode in human thinking, and one that has been the biggest problem in politics in the last thirty years, is the belief that the people in charge matter more than the system they’re in charge of.

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One Response to Foreshadowing

  1. Rachel Kate says:

    oOOoh! That is one hell of a teaser there, sir. Six months suddenly feels like an awfully long time!

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