Busy Linkblogging For 17/02/13

I’m going to try to post more linkblogs for a while, because I suspect I won’t be writing much/anything else for this blog for the next few weeks. I’m currently getting over a period of illness, which has meant that for the last couple of days I’ve been sleeping for about fifteen hours a day, and I’m also pulling together the second draft of my novel (I’ve got a ‘plot’ draft, now I’m trying to turn it into something resembling good writing — I’ve got the first fifty-odd pages of the novel into shape). On top of that, I start a new job on the fourth of March, and between now and the end of March I’ve also got the single busiest month I’ve had in the last year — off to see the Magic Band, Mark Steel, Richard Thompson, Richard Herring, a performance of Messiaen’s Quartet For The End Of Time and a play, and attending a wedding and the local party AGM.

I’m going to *try* to post some more Beach Boys and Who posts, but I won’t guarantee a single post with actual content until the novel is finished, so I’m going to post links more often, in the hope that this blog won’t completely die in the meantime.

A taxonomy of lies, by Leonard Pierce

A rant about neurotypical privilege by Feminist Aspie

A guide to the amendments to the same-sex marriage bill to fix issues for trans people.

Debi on dissection

Why blaming the poor for eating horseburgers is wrong

Why Don Rosa left Disney

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5 Responses to Busy Linkblogging For 17/02/13

  1. lucidfrenzy says:

    And wouldn’t you know it but I’m due to see Richard Thompson in a few days, then the Magic Band in a couple of weeks! Hopefully despite your busy spell you’ll be able to write something about them. (I did see ‘Quartet For the End of Time’ too, but quite a while ago.)

    And incidentally, apologies for not responding yet to the Brian Wilson clip you linked too. I managed to get ill just as you posted it, and don’t seem to have had a chance to respond since then.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I thought you might end up going to see those tours too. I do hope I’ll be able to write about them, but they’re both in the first week of the new job, which is also going to require me to change my sleep schedule.

      No problem about the Brian Wilson clip. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  2. feministaspie says:

    Thanks for the link! :)

  3. Hal says:

    “Why blaming the poor for eating horseburgers is wrong”. It’s incredible to me that anyone should have to to write a piece like that, in fact it pisses me off that’s the case. It seems that for everyone like the web logger who is able to be sensible and empathetic and state what should be fucking obvious there are many more who seem to believe themselves existing in a state of stainless perfection. On one side there’s the expected conservative “Fuck the morlocks” reaction and on the other we have something which is creepily similar but couched in smug and condescending terms speaking of a repugnant assumed moral and intellectual superiority. There’s usually no acknowledgment of social, financial, or psychological pressures from any of those people, and if there *is* it’s only glancing and soon thoroughly dwarfed by the arrogant satisfaction of their own elevated and oh-so-“informed” position. It’s all too reminiscent to the attitude towards those with psychological or social problems, the lack of empathy and the barely concealed *loathing* and in some cases an odd kind of almost-envy makes me sick. Phew, that was some rant! But I simply can’t understand why so many people are lacking in basic empathy. There’s a difference between making tasteless jokes about horse-burgers and smugly demonizing and deriding anyone who eats less-than-gourmet readymade foods. That “they had it coming attitude” is pretty disgusting.

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