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Linkblogging For 26/2/13, and Life Update

For those who are wondering why I’m not writing more online at the moment, a brief update: I’m currently working on the first/second draft of the novel I can’t talk about properly yet. I finished a very scrappy forty-thousand-word *thing* … Continue reading

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Busy Linkblogging For 17/02/13

I’m going to try to post more linkblogs for a while, because I suspect I won’t be writing much/anything else for this blog for the next few weeks. I’m currently getting over a period of illness, which has meant that … Continue reading

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New Doctor Who Books Featuring Essays By Me

I have essays in You And Who 2: Contact Has Been Made, a two-volume charity anthology of essays by fans on Doctor Who. Volume 1 has a short piece by me on The Space Museum and volume 2 has one … Continue reading

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The Book I’d Like To Write, But Can’t

I’ve been serialising what will be volume two of a three-volume series, The Beach Boys On CD, here over recent weeks. When finished, that series will cover every released album by the Beach Boys, and every solo album by a … Continue reading

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The Beach Boys On CD: Bruce Johnston — Going Public

I’m actually going slightly out of order here. There were two Beach Boys solo albums released in 1977. The first of these, Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue, is generally considered a masterpiece. It’s been issued on CD as a double … Continue reading

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Odd request…

But does anyone have a copy of Kerry Thornley’s Confession To Conspiracy To Assassinate JFK they could email me? The text of it’s up on Sondra London’s website, but as dozens of separate, unlinked HTML pages with multicoloured backgrounds. I … Continue reading

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The Song Ends… But The Beauty Of It Must Never Fade

(Thanks to Andrew Rilstone for reminding me of the Jack Kirby quote that’s titled this). February 6 is the anniversary of the deaths of two of my favourite creative artists. The first, Jack Kirby, lived a relatively long life, but … Continue reading

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