Pop Stars And Their Loves

The following is a list of things that are loved by musicians in my MP3 library:
A Ukulele – Janet Klein
Buddha – Damon Albarn
Another Woman – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac
Hot Nights – Jonathan Richman
How You Love Me — The Paris Sisters
LA — Randy Newman
Makin’ Love To You — Evie Sands
My Car — Belle & Sebastian
My Dog — Cat Stevens
My Lips — VeggieTales
Only One Girl — Elvis Presley
You, Porgy — Brian Wilson
To Say DaDa — both Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys
You — the Barenaked Ladies, Dennis Wilson and Don Preston. Lucky you.
You, And I’m Glad That I Said It — Dolenz, Jones, Boyce And Hart
You Because — Elvis Presley
You Because (You Look Like Jim Reeves) — Half Man Half Biscuit
You Better — The Monkees
You (For Sentimental Reasons) — both the Righteous Brothers and Sam Cooke
You So — The Mighty Sparrow
You So Much It Hurts — Ray Charles
and You, You Big Dummy — Captain Beefheart

Also, both The Knickerbockers and Margo Guryan just love generally, without specifying what they love in song title form.

Meanwhile, the only things that are hated are Nerys Hughes (From The Heart), by Half Man Half Biscuit, and You, by The Monks.

This utterly pointless post brought to you by three days straight of ripping CDs and sorting out my MP3 library after a hard drive crash meant I had to restore it from multiple incompatible backups. Proper post soon.

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3 Responses to Pop Stars And Their Loves

  1. Karl says:

    You’re missing Joan Jett’s love of Rock ‘N Roll! I also like Donovan’s love of his shirt.

  2. Debi Linton says:

    Of course I had to look at my own, and found that our music collections love very different things.

    My musicians love:
    America – Alice Cooper
    Being a Turtle – Klaus Bedalt
    Creedence – Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
    How you love me – Beth Orton
    It Loud – Kiss
    My Phone – Mitch Benn and the DIstractions
    New York – Madonna
    Paris – Frank Sinatra
    Rock N Roll – Joan Jett
    Rocky Road – Weird Al
    The Dead – Alice Cooper again
    The Nightlife – Alicia Bridges
    This Town – Bon Jovi
    You – both Sarah Mclachlan and the Pipettes

    And of course, Queen are In Love With My Car

    I have a larger collection of things that are hated:
    Everybody (but you) – Slash’s Snakepit
    Everyone – Get Set Go
    Everything About You – Three Days Grace
    Myself For Losing You – Kelly Clarkson
    Myself For Loving You – Rock of Ages soundtrack

  3. Holly says:

    Ha, I forgot about that VeggieTales song….a favorite amongst my friends when we were in high school.

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