OK… Here’s a serious question

A friend, in an email about other subjects, said in passing today “if you tried crowdfunding to support you while you’re writing, I’d put in between £50 and £100 per book.”

I’ve briefly considered Kickstarter type things in the past for my work, but decided against it. I have a fairly small audience for my writing, and most of that small audience is only interested in one or two of the four or five things I did (some people are only interested in my SF short stories, for example, while others want me to shut up about anything except music).

But given that one person has (ludicrously generously) said this, I’m now wondering if it *would* be feasible to do a kickstarter or similar for my books. The way my work’s vacation time works is you can buy extra days, and if there were enough people who’d put in those sort of sums of money (the fifty or hundred pound ones), I could buy a few weeks extra vacation from work and use that time for writing. But to do that I’d need to plan soon, because there’s only a short window of time to buy vacation time.

So… please only reply to this if you *would* want to be a patron of one of my books, and if so how much you’d think of putting in (email me if you’d not want to make this public) — and also if, for example, you’d do it for any book I wrote, or only for, say, the next Doctor Watson Investigates story or Beach Boys volume. I’m not holding anyone to anything here, I’m just trying to see if it’s feasible or not.

Frankly, I think it’s incredibly unlikely that this would happen, for a whole variety of reasons, but given that one person has already made the offer, I thought it at least worth raising the possibility.

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7 Responses to OK… Here’s a serious question

  1. I’d certainly pop £50 towards a book based on Doctor Who critique.

  2. Actually, bugger that. Get you and Mr. Sandifer on board and I’ll donate £100. Get Miles on board and I’ll tempt him with 1979/80 “space lego”.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Hah. I strongly suspect that Philip Sandifer would have little interest in collaborating with me — plus his writing rate makes me look positively Salingerian. I will be getting a book on Who out this year, though — it’ll be revised versions of the Fifty Stories… essays, along with a load of non-story-specific essays. I’m hoping to have it out in a few months.

  3. dhanyc says:

    I’d probably be in for something for various projects. How much? Not sure offhand, but I’ve certainly been known to toss money at projects that interest me. Assuming exchange rates remain about the same, I would not think £50 or so to be out of line.

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