Linkblogging For 13/12/12

I’m afraid that over the last few days I’ve had a recurrence of my chronic apathy, and a relapse of the comorbid lethargy (I’m a martyr to it) and so haven’t been able to write much. After tomorrow I’m off work until the new year though, so even allowing for the distraction of Christmas and the fact that I’m behind where I want to be on the novel, there should be *some* stuff posted.

Meanwhile, have some links.

Lawrence Burton reviews Plato’s Republic

Leonard Pierce is offering his Christmassy services

Debi is still watching Arrow so we don’t have to

Fred Clark on The Ecumenical Religion Of Patriarchy

The Superman/Doctor Who/KLF Popstar Car – An Unseen Transvestite Pirate Nun Photograph

Andrew Rilstone on the ban on same-sex marriage in CofE churches

Millennium asks “who died and made the Dalek Emperor God?”

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