In Praise Of Mad Norwegian ( @MadNorwegian )

Just a quick note here to mention, once again, the absolutely exemplary customer service provided by Lars Pearson of Mad Norwegian.

I’ve already pointed this out before, when because it took him a whole week or so to get a book I ordered shipped, he threw in a free copy of another book as well (I hadn’t even noticed the slight delay), but this time he’s gone one better.

I had a fit of generosity while Plok was over here — he liked The Book Of The War so much, and I was so flush with cash that week, that I thought “I’ll buy him the whole set of Faction Paradox books as a Christmas present”, so I ordered them while he was here.

Unfortunately, there was a mix-up and the books (which I already had) were sent to my house (the billing address) rather than to Plok’s. Which is a bit of a problem on all sides, really — they were shipped from the US, and Plok is in Canada. As we only paid Canadian shipping, that meant Pearson would have lost out, and it also meant we had to try to find some way to get the books to Plok.

I emailed Pearson about this to let him know, just in case there was something in his processes he needed to change, and started making arrangements to post the books to Plok from the US when we’re over there.

Pearson didn’t reply to my email — but he sent replacement copies of all seven books to Plok, who got them today.

Mad Norwegian is an extremely small press, and must have lost a fair bit of money on the deal, and I think would have been entirely within their rights just to say “Sorry, can you post those copies on?”

Instead, they did the right thing, again. So I’m going to ask any of you who are looking to buy a Christmas present for the TV-SF fan in your life, to visit and pick up one of their TV episode guides, or the Faction Paradox novels. Their books are generally of exceptional quality — of the ten or eleven books they’ve published that I’ve read, the only one I didn’t like was Chicks Dig Time Lords, and that one won a Hugo so plenty of other people thought it was very good.

Customer service that good deserves rewarding.

(ETA for some reason when I said “ten or eleven” there I was counting About Time as one book rather than six, because I’m a fool. So “fifteen or sixteen” is closer)

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4 Responses to In Praise Of Mad Norwegian ( @MadNorwegian )

  1. plok says:

    Oh my goodness! That really is above and beyond the call of duty!

  2. dhanyc says:

    Mad Norwegian are definitely good people. I’ve met Lars several times at GallifreyOne, and have always been impressed with their output. I haven’t read the Faction Paradox series, but I have almost all of their non-fiction. Doctor Who New York had a book release event recently, and I shelled out, not only for Chicks Unravel Time, but for the third edition of Lance Parkin’s Ahistory. And I have the first two editions. It’s becoming my Live At Leeds of Doctor Who books. :-)

    In short, yes, Mad Norwegian good. You will not do badly by giving them your money for the holidays.

  3. Yes, I’ve always been very impressed by Mad Norwegian. The About Time and Running through Corridors books, in particular, are essential purchases for me.

  4. Hal says:

    I’d like to third (or fourth) the praise for Mad Norwegian, particularly concerning About Time a fantastic (and sometimes fantastically annoying!) series. One of the great things about many of their non-fiction books – I can’t speak to Faction Paradox – is that apart from their fascinating and stimulating elements they also afford the opportunity to shout at certain contentions (er, if I was in the habit of shouting at books that is…) within them. :)
    Now, if only Running Through Corridors Volume II is released before I die! Come on Hadoke and Shearman, you’ll have to dump the concept of the book if you take much longer (the book works in the context of them waiting for the RTD era to end during the hiatus year) unless it’s supposed to be like Pepys’s diary. Ha.

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