Linkblogging For 18/11/12

Back from Thought Bubble — we’ll have a proper post up about that in a day or two, and I’ll be posting more actual content here soon. But for now, links:

The state of the art is terrible — I was trying to explain some of this to Plok the other day, but this person’s done it for me (though his list of stuff he’s done is pretty much the stuff most computer people have done)

Mark Evanier pays tribute to the late Ray Zone

An interview with Sarah Teather about welfare reform

My friend Jennie took her daughter to Thought Bubble, and this is what she thought of it

Millennium Elephant on the purpose of the Lib Dem Voice Blog Of The Year awards, and why considered, long, thoughtful posts should still have a place in political discourse.

Debi looks at the 1949 Batman And Robin serial

Nick Barlow on the democratic crisis in the UK (read the posts he links to from Jennie and James too)

And a lovely little Doctor Who flash-fic by Paul Magrs

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