Linkblogging For 10/11/12

There will be some Actual Content ™ up here tomorrow, but I’ve not had much time to write this week and won’t next week either, as Plok is visiting the UK and has been staying with us (and also there’s a by-election next week, as well as Thought Bubble). After next week, I hope to get back to a better posting schedule (as I also plan to have got enough done on the novel that I can relax a bit about that), but for now, links:

Tilt Araiza has put together an absolutely wonderful hauntological cloudcast, which you should all listen to.

Good Math, Bad Math debunks some myths about Nate Silver

The Digital Antiquarian on the BBC Micro

Leonard Pierce on They Shoot Horses, Don’t They

Debi on women in comics

And finally, the Monkees performing Daily Nightly on the first night of their new tour:

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