I write about Shada, canon and Ian Levine

Over on the mindless ones

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  1. Hal says:

    It’s interesting, reading your Mindless piece set my mind off on an odd tangent and the thoughts generated have been nagging me so I thought I’d put them here, not because I expect anyone to read them but just to get them out! I was thinking about modern Who’s fetishization of the Doctor, something that occurs even when the Doctor’s character is becoming bastardized. It seems that the fetishization goes hand in hand with the conventionalization of the Doctor (there’s an insistence on his supposed “alienness” tho’ that now is represented by * zaniness* and naught else because they wouldn’t want to make him too interesting would they?) to make him palatable (like Moffat’s take on Holmes I’d half-argue). The use of the Doctor’s name in a few titles is a giveaway. Of course, Moffat was first with The Doctor Dances, a semi-clever title but one that points to the way both he and RTD sought to make the Doctor more conventional, “way-hey, he “dances” geddit? Sounds a bit rude!” The argument was that this made the show more mature but really it led to endless instances of the Doctor being considered a sexy beast which seems like someone’s wish fulfillment I have to say.
    Later, we got The Doctor’s “Daughter”, Vincent and the Doctor, and The Doctor’s “Wife” – examples of “the Doctor as fetish” at its most blatant and pointless, it need not be said that first and third are also incredibly gimmicky and false. And when it isn’t the Doctor as fetish it’s the companion (or in one case River Frickin’ Song), the series opener *was* called “Rose” after all so I suppose that shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s a pity that these fetishes aren’t better-written then. Having said all that, modern Who seems to be fetishized by many *itself* slotting in alongside Twilight, Nolan’s Dark Knight, Potter, et al. Weird digressive & obvious post ends – Now.

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