Linkblogging For 16/10/12

I’m a thousand words or so into the Surf’s Up post, which will be up some time this week, and I’ll have a post on Shada up on Mindless Ones on Thursday, but until then, have some links:

Firstly, for those of you who miss the old Google Reader,, which is in beta, has pretty much all its functionality including sharing and commenting. The only problem with it I have is that it requires using a Google or Facebook login, rather than having its own login system.

Millennium Dome on the problem with the four pledges test for Lib Dem FPC candidates

Mat on the NHS bill

Plok returns to blogging after too long an absence with a post on Finder

A wonderful (if low-fi) recording of the Monkees’ tour rehearsals from 1987, courtesy

An album of Moog performances of Gershwin music, from the early 70s

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