Linkblogging For 05/10/12

I’ve got several blog posts planned for the next few days — one on Shada for the Mindless Ones, a more general Doctor Who post for here, and the first chapter of the second Beach Boys book, among others, but I’m also working on various other writing things at the moment that are taking up blogging time. I’m writing a novel (which I can’t talk much about on here), I’m also working on a short story for an anthology I’ve been asked to submit to (though of course that may not pan out — not finished yet) and I’m wrestling with the ebook version of the Kinks book. So if blogging is a bit sparser than normal at the moment, that’s why. Meanwhile, some links:

Mike Love’s official statement about the so-called ‘firing’ of the other Beach Boys. Surprise, surprise, it says exactly what I’ve been saying all along, and contradicts all the lazy media reports.

Ian Fleming’s How To Write A Thriller

Bleeding Heart Libertarians sketches a demonstration that if you one-box on Newcomb’s Problem you should vote.

Dorian Wright on The Angels Take Manhattan

Jennie on everyone ‘knowing’ about Jimmy Savile

And the second volume of Philip Sandifer’s TARDIS Eruditorum, on Patrick Troughton, is now out.

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