My review of the last two episodes of Doctor Who

Is up at Mindless Ones. I wasn’t impressed.

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  1. Hal says:

    Excellent. The best, most correct (yes because it mirrors my thoughts exactly!) piece you’ve written on Modern Who and Moffat’s crappy “method”. Plus your criticisms double as a description of swathes of pseudo-clever pseudo post-modern (faux mo?) illogical toss that gets virtually masturbated over even by those who should know better. Does that sound snobbish? I truly do not care. I’m so sick of such iron pyrite-ish lazy-minded arrogant donkey dung being treated as if it’s the Best Thing Evah. And I do not think you could be more right about the whole fan-of-being-a-fan thing. (Note how many fans and even some “critics” responses to Moffat Who seem drawn from the maker’s own hype. It’s like they’re basing their interpretations on the Press Kit, which is handy because um unsurprisingly Moffat has an interest in neutralizing criticism and programming certain responses. Hence all the “fairytale” stuff and the “golden age” of Amy and Rory crap. It’s certainly creepy that the idea that one can’t criticize is being promulgated and that those who do criticize are demonized as taking it too seriously tho’ hysterical overpraise, and profligate and pathetic use of the word “genius” to describe Moffat isn’t. Ahem. Well, that was a nice rant…

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