Linkblogging For 02/10/12

Sorry for the relative lack of updates, but I’ve been travelling, unwell, and going to a few gigs, as well as working on the novel. (I actually had to take today off work ill because the mild cold I had set off my asthma and kept me awake all night).

There *will* be an extra-special-super-double-length Who post up on Mindless Ones tomorrow, but for now, some links.

Lawrence Miles has come up with the old idea of the wormhole-and-gravity-powered perpetual motion machine. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work (simple reason — wormholes are distortions of spacetime. Gravity is a distortion of spacetime. Wormholes would negate the gravity.) But the post itself is lovely.

Just having a mobile phone present makes face-to-face conversation more difficult. I always have hated those loathsome devices, which destroy what little civility most people possess.

A writer apologises for recommending the lying, fraudulent, self-publishing guru John Locke. Much as I hate the Amazon review process and think it badly harms the careers of small writers, I have *never* been tempted to behave as despicably as Locke did and post fraudulent positive reviews in an attempt to game the system. (Full disclosure — I bought Locke’s book which claimed to tell how he sold a million ebooks, because it was only a dollar and I thought it might have useful advice in it. What little advice it contained was either so obvious I’d already realised it, or self-evidently wrong, so I never recommended his book to anyone else. I’m unsurprised he actually committed fraud.)

Incidentally, if you want *useful* advice about self-publishing, I always recommend the sites of Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, two veterans who have decades of experience making a living as writers, publishers and editors. I often disagree with individual statements they make, but neither of them is selling snake oil.

Al Ewing on the Dredd film and ‘punkpunk’

A letter from Robert Heinlein to Ted Sturgeon, giving him story ideas to help him through his writer’s block.

Rational approximations of pi are useless

Why everyone should care about DRM’s punishment of the visually impaired

And Gavin Burrows on the Doctor Who stories Dinosaurs On A Spaceship and A Town Called Mercy

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  1. lucidfrenzy says:

    Thanks for the plug Andrew. I will post my comments on the final two ‘Who’ episodes, soon as I get the chance!

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