It’s More Complicated Than That…

I don’t have enough time to write a full post today — I’m off down to That London to see the Beach Boys tonight, and I’ll have a review of that show up tomorrow.

But it’s been an interesting few days for me, watching how newspapers report things, how social media reacts to that report, and comparing it to what is actually happening, because several things where I *actually pay attention, so I know what is going on* have happened. This has happened a *lot* recently with political stuff, but there’s been a cluster of bad reporting recently…

Item 1 — Lib Dem conference was not, despite all the reports, full of people wanting Clegg’s head. Clegg’s safe for the forseeable future — see Jennie’s post for why. The politics reporters are just stirring.

Item 2 — Jimmy Fallon is *not* replacing Davy Jones in the Monkees. No-one suggested he should. Mike Nesmith said, as a joke in a Facebook status, that he might join them on stage to sing the song Daydream Believer. This one hasn’t been as widely reported as the other two, but is still out there.

Item 3 — Mike Love has *not* sacked the other Beach Boys. He doesn’t have the legal right to do that. See Andrew Doe’s summary on this message board thread for the truth.

This week, the Guardian suggested that there should be a broadband tax to pay for newspaper journalism, because some newspapers (i.e. The Guardian) are losing money since they switched to a “give everything away for free” business plan. Now, I don’t want to tell them their jobs, but maybe more people would pay for newspapers if they had any trust at all in what they reported?

Conversely, if you read something that would sound unbelievable, but it’s from a source you normally trust — check it out anyway before getting outraged.

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