Linkblogging for 25/09/12

Sorry for the relative lack of updates for the last week — my wife’s been away at conference (and before that for work), which means I’m more distracted than normal. I’m also working on two writing projects I can’t talk about yet, which are taking up some of my brain power. I’ll have a Who post up tomorrow or Thursday, and a review of the Beach Boys gig I’m going to on Friday up either Saturday or Sunday — and hopefully a review of the Ray Davies gig I’m going to on Monday up soon after that — but I’ve spent the last little while distracted by social media, and will probably take a while longer to get back up to my normal writing speed.

Meanwhile, here are some links:

A short (four-song) performance by Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent, to watch or to download as MP3 for free

With the Beach Boys visiting the UK, Radio 2 has had a Beach Boys week. For the next few days, you can listen to an hour-long concert, the long documentary series the Beach Boys Story, and a new documentary presented by Harry Shearer, all here.

“Aunty Sarah” on the links between homophobia, transphobia and misogyny, in a speech given to a Lib Dem conference fringe

Andrew Rilstone looks in great (and fascinating) detail at the lyrics to some songs from Bob Dylan’s new album

Zoe O’Connell and Tin Tower on evil MP Tom “Dickhead” Harris getting someone evicted.

And in the wake of the Guardian calling for a broadband tax to keep newspapers afloat, Heresy Corner looks at alternative ways of paying for news.

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