Two Posts By Me on Mindless Ones

My review of last week’s Doctor Who. In a shocking development, I didn’t like it very much. Not my best piece of writing about the show, but when it’s this bad, it’s hard to muster up any enthusiasm.

And some questions for our forthcoming Dave Sim interview, along with a call for extra questions in the comments.

Tomorrow I’ll have something new here — a streaming music radio programme I’ve edited together.

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1 Response to Two Posts By Me on Mindless Ones

  1. Hal says:

    Hurrah! You’re too hard on yourself, this review was neat, compact, and true. You didn’t *need* to do anything more. No bells, no whistles, no jacket required ( a Phil Collins reference?! I can’t get to sleep, sue me!). You quickly and concisely spiked almost every absurd weakness and held them up to the light. I’ve read reviews where Whithouse, Moffat and Co. were patted on the back for merely gesturing toward moral complexity despite the cravenness of the resolution and the nonsensicality of the plotting, you *didn’t* do that, you identified all those flaws and the idiotic characterisations of the Doctor (and just about everyone else), and that’s very much to your credit. I’m not quite sure why people like the Doctor as an imbecile or are convinced by the use of Amy as generic “moral conscience” companion (gee, it’s almost as if Rose/Martha/Donna/ Amy have all the same beliefs, odd that. At least Turlough had the decency to be an amusingly craven coward) but then many things are a mystery to me.
    I glanced through DWM in the shop but it annoyed me too much to buy it. I can understand why Moffat wouldn’t want to visit certain message boards but, wow, he does keep bringing it up. Naughty Internet. It’s so bizarrely disingenuous and passive aggressive, what about all the many more websites and weblogs that are full of praise for him. He mentions all the plaudits and awards he receives but the very existence of negative criticism seems to really get to him, sure I imagine there’s some pretty bad stuff out there but not much, it’s much harder to find mainstream sites that don’t treat him like the Second Coming (not the RTD thing). Uhrm, sorry for blathering, it’s just that it makes no sense to me at all!

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