Linkblogging For 22/09/12

I have lots of important things to do at the moment, like fixing the formatting on the Kinks ebook so it can be published, writing my novel, and writing music for a project I’m doing with plok. However, I’ve decided instead to spend the weekend watching old William Hartnell Doctor Who stories. So have some links while I do that:

Leonard Pierce on Romney and bosses

Stuart Douglas on his rewatch of all the Hartnell stories

Pat Mills on the creation of Judge Dredd

A geological timescale for creationists

James Graham on the coalition, six months on from him leaving the Lib Dems (I only agree with about half of this, but all of it’s worth reading)

And Mike Taylor tells how he came to buy the DVD of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle. Worth reading, and not just for the line “there is a common thread of insight and wit that leads through [C.S.] Lewis, [Andrew] Rilstone, Hickey and [James] Ward to Lee”.

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