Linkblogging For 09/09/12

This is my 999th blog post, and I have two minor posts planned (a review of Dredd, and a link to a Mindless Ones review of last night’s Who when I write it). I don’t want either of them to be my 1000th post — I’d rather it be something interesting. So I’d better think of something soon, hadn’t I?

Yesterday, in comments here and on Twitter, I defended Ian Levine a bit. Lawrence Miles had written a blog post about him that I thought was a little unfair, and I thought Levine wasn’t important enough for him to be attacking. Then someone pointed me to Levine’s twitter account, where he was making threatening comments towards several people and asking for their addresses so he could confront them in person. He also asked for Miles’ address, so he could sue him for daring to write such a blog post. So here’s a link to that post, because I don’t like bullies who try to use the law to shut people up.

Richard Flowers reviews the Doctor Who novel Timewyrm Genesys

The Digital Reader asks why Amazon has removed text-to-speech from its new low-end Kindles

How Upsetting looks at the way lies about politics spread through social media.

I made the mistake of visitinfg a popular ‘rationalist’ site and looking at a thread about how not to sexually harass women the other day. I’m not going to link to that thread, but many of them sounded exactly like this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic.

Marc Ramsbottom on the proposals for a Peterloo memorial in Manchester.

And a nice little short-short fantasy story

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4 Responses to Linkblogging For 09/09/12

  1. Hal says:

    Congratulations on 999 posts! I rather wish that instead of making the 1000th all sparkly and special you’d done it with this one instead, yes I would’ve loved a post on Michael Buerk…
    Oops I somewhat regret mentioning Miles’s post, I found it a little “naughty” and sardonically entertaining myself (if maybe a *bit* unfair). It’s silly and scary that Ian Levine would threaten to sue Mr Miles. What a waste of time. I had no idea of the twitter imbroglio either. I think it a shame that Mr Levine still moans about JN-T without ever really implicating himself (on various dvd supplements), that really doesn’t seem fair. Sigh. Contradictory. Note to Self: Don’t Mention This Again.
    I look forward to your 1000th Post, the Dredd review, and your glowing report on Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (o that hee-larious title…).
    Hope you’re OK, stranger!
    P. S. There’s a pretty good review of Dinos on a… on Frank Collins’s Cathode Ray Tube weblog. Very reasonable, fair and unblinkered it is too (he liked it more than me though – um, surprise?).

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Don’t worry about mentioning Miles’ post — you weren’t the only one to bring it up to me. I found Levine a rather sad, pathetic figure before, but after seeing how he behaves on Twitter I now rather think Miles’ post was justified.
      Still haven’t seen the Chibnall thing, but I don’t have high expectations…

      • I personally found Chibnall’s episode surprisingly entertaining. I mean, it’s not exactly the epitome of Doctor Who, but it’s so much better than the stupid title implies. It’s like an RTD-era episode, and it’s a sad fact about Moffat’s reign that I regard that a compliment. There’s a bunch of silly quips, it’s generally rushed, and has plotholes the size of tractors, but it’s a fun romp that never *quite* manages to get its head completely up its arse, so I liked it. Sigh. What have I come to? I actually liked something written by Chris Chibnall. I’m almost ashamed.

  2. Hal says:

    Thanks. Andrew. Peeked at his twitter, wished I hadn’t… I don’t know, perhaps Spaceship will meet your lowered expectations or perhaps you’ll *really* like it… (Likeliness Factor: LOW). One thing you may notice – those missiles-with- smoke-trail effects we saw last week appear *again*, did the Mill swipe that program from the makers of “New” Galactica?! They surely do like it…

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