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It’s More Complicated Than That…

I don’t have enough time to write a full post today — I’m off down to That London to see the Beach Boys tonight, and I’ll have a review of that show up tomorrow. But it’s been an interesting few … Continue reading

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Linkblogging for 25/09/12

Sorry for the relative lack of updates for the last week — my wife’s been away at conference (and before that for work), which means I’m more distracted than normal. I’m also working on two writing projects I can’t talk … Continue reading

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Since that streaming thing didn’t embed properly

Here’s a link to play the streaming MP3 mix I put together the other night

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Linkblogging For 22/09/12

I have lots of important things to do at the moment, like fixing the formatting on the Kinks ebook so it can be published, writing my novel, and writing music for a project I’m doing with plok. However, I’ve decided … Continue reading

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A thing what I did

A little streaming music show I put together, because I’ve got insomnia. If the embed doesn’t work, tough — I’m tired enough to sleep now.

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Two Posts By Me on Mindless Ones

My review of last week’s Doctor Who. In a shocking development, I didn’t like it very much. Not my best piece of writing about the show, but when it’s this bad, it’s hard to muster up any enthusiasm. And some … Continue reading

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One big rule if you’re writing about politics

There are people supporting every party and none who can make convincing arguments for a point of view, and who it’s worth reading whether you agree with them or not. But I find they are increasingly outnumbered by people who … Continue reading

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