Linkblogging For 19/08/12

Hoping to have a piece up on Mindless Ones tonight, and I’ve got posts planned for here for the next few days, but for now, links:

Brad Hicks pastiches Damon Runyon, to explain a real-life stock trading scam.

Jac Rayner wrote a nice piece about girls’ comics in the Guardian

Jeremy Browne on new measures the government is taking to help end the death penalty abroad.

Apparently tit-for-tat is not necessarily the optimal solution in an iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma!

Mark Thompson on the Lib Dems and power-hunger

Slacktivist on how some internet atheists of the follower-of-Dawkins type are causing more harm than good.

And Scott Aaronson on what he thinks of the Many Worlds Interpretation (short version — it’s probably right, but not as self-evidently true as some would claim)

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