Tor Recommendations?

So, since payday was a couple of days ago, I now plan to live up to my promise and buy some books from Tor in recognition of their move to selling their ebooks DRM-free.

Firstly, can anyone recommend a good ebookshop to buy them from — one that doesn’t require huge amounts of info from you on registration, and that does a straight download of the Epub rather than insisting on delivering to your reader?

(EDIT — And STRAIGHT after posting this I see that Tor’s own UK ebooks site opened today. So I’ll be buying from there, and you should too —

Secondly, any recommendations for actual books published by Tor (and which I will be able to buy from the UK)? I’m probably going to buy Scalzi’s Redshirts, because he seems a decent bloke from his blog, and the premise sounds more interesting than his usual militaristic stuff. My favourite SF writers at the moment are Charles Stross, Greg Egan (especially his short stories — all his novels are at least good, but only Permutation City and Quarantine have become favourites in a way nearly all his short stories have), Neal Stephenson (if he still counts as SF), the various writers involved with the Faction Paradox series, and I like some of Peter Watts’ stuff. I’m not interested in epic sagas spanning twenty novels, or anything too steampunky.

Proper post tonight.

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2 Responses to Tor Recommendations?

  1. Axolotl says:

    I’d recommend Redshirts. A light read, but thoroughly enjoyable, with a certain emotiional punch in the codas.

    • Axolotl says:

      Though having said that, upon a quick search of the Tor UK website, it doesn’t appear to be available over here, though it’s late on Friday, and I may just be missing it.

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