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Kinks Book Now Out!

The book on the Kinks I’ve been serialising here, Preservation: The Kinks’ Music 1964-1974, is now available in paperback, hardback and PDF formats from . Versions for ereaders should be up tomorrow when I finish formatting them. For those … Continue reading

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Kinks book cover

I’m putting the final touches to the Kinks book now, and so I thought I’d upload the cover.With luck the book should be out later today or tomorrow. Incidentally, this book is going to be the test case as to … Continue reading

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Neil Armstrong

Getting to the moon was, of course, a communal effort. It couldn’t have been done without the work of thousands of engineers and support staff, without the political will of the whole USA, and without the inspiration of dreamers throughout … Continue reading

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Tales Of The City

(ob. disclaimer — I know both the editor and publisher of this book online, in a “friendly on Facebook/Twitter” kind of way. However, I got to know them because I like their books, so don’t think this is biased by … Continue reading

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Me On The Mindless Ones

Talking about The Iron Legion

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A Piece Of Advice To My Fellow Men (warning – potentially triggering)

I have a very useful tip here, one that, it appears, many men haven’t come across yet. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to most of the people who read my blog, but I offer it up in case anyone’s confused. It’s … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 19/08/12

Hoping to have a piece up on Mindless Ones tonight, and I’ve got posts planned for here for the next few days, but for now, links: Brad Hicks pastiches Damon Runyon, to explain a real-life stock trading scam. Jac Rayner … Continue reading

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