Linkblogging For 30/07/12

I’ll have a What I Did On My Holiday post up soon, maybe later tonight, but I’m finding typing a little difficult right now, because of all the mosquito bites on my hand. So for now, just have some links:

A rather wonderful find — a Polish radio station has, apparently legally, got all 1001 albums from the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die available for free streaming. They’re fairly obvious choices, but precisely because of that obviousness it’s a great resource if you’ve never heard (or just don’t own) any of the acknowledged classics. If you’ve never quite got round to listening to Kind Of Blue, Ellington At Newport, The Genius Of Ray Charles, Songs Of Leonard Cohen, Pet Sounds, Scott 4, Odessey & Oracle or one of the other 994 albums there, now’s your chance.

Lib Dems block further welfare cuts.

Jennie got the same lessons from The Dark Knight Rises that I did

New Scientist says (rightly) that the Olympic sex test rules should be torn up.

Jim Hines on why he cancelled his Reddit Q&A (warning, potentially triggering due to discussions of sexual violence)

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  1. Tam says:

    here’s another good article on the politics of The Dark Knight Rises along similar lines

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