Linkblogging For 04/07/12

I’m hoping to have the next Kinks piece — on Preservation Act 1 — up tonight, but it may not be up until tomorrow, so here’s some links to be going on with.

The Daily Beast has a piece on Before Watchmen

The Digital Antiquarian on Dennis Wheatley

Julian Huppert, who is on the committee which is trying to turn the evil draft Communications Interception Bill into something worthwhile and good, wants comments from those with relevant expertise on either the technical or civil liberties sides of things. Please note that even if you’re not a supporter of the Lib Dems, Julian is one of the good guys and is doing very important work on this bill, so please don’t misuse the email address he provides there.

This post points out some of the reasons why the draft bill, if it went through *without* the work Julian and the committee are putting in, would be a very bad, no-good, not-nice, bad thing that we don’t want.

Andrew Rilstone is doing a series of posts on what same-sex marriage means theologically. This post, on Jesus’ attitude to marriage, is a very good one indeed.

WFMU’s Beware Of the Blog have an appreciation of the great jazz vibraphone player Lionel Hampton, one of my very favourite musicians, including a 36-minute embedded video.

And STV Action warns that the special resolution the members of the Electoral Reform Society are being asked to vote on has some hidden problems along with the good stuff (I’ve not yet received my ballot for this…)

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