More Me On The Mindless Ones

In which I witter on about Fist Of Fun, Lawrence Miles, Robert Anton Wilson and Kenneth Grant, while Amypoodle, Adam and Illogical Volume get on with actually analysing League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

(I plan on contributing more to the third essay, which should I think be up this weekend. Harry Potter is not something I’ve got anything much to say about, and a big chunk on Baphomet I’d planned to write got held over for the third essay after a family emergency).

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  1. Tilt Araiza says:

    Totally pedantic point that occurred to me today. I see they have Emma Peel being M, standing for Mother. But in the Bond books, M was head of MI6 whereas John Steed only ever seemed to work inside the UK so his boss Mother must have been head of MI5. Not adding much to the sum total of human knowledge, I know, it just got me thinking that sometimes, you can tie stories together too tightly.

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