Linkblogging For 14/06/12

Sorry for the relative lack of posts — not only have I been tired but WordPress is playing up *badly*, so even these linkblogs have been a bit too much of a pain to do. There’ll be a MindlessWho post on Saturday, about Talons Of Weng-Chiang, and I *hope* to have a Kinks post up on Monday, on Everybody’s In Showbiz but the rest of the week will be a bit light, as I’m going to the Fantastic Film Weekend in Bradford this weekend. (Next weekend I’m off to London to see Van Dyke Parks, too. After that the hectic pace of the last month will calm down).

Anyway, links.

Michael Nesmith is playing the UK! Only web-based ticketing I know is for the Manchester show, which goes on sale tomorrow at 9AM, but he’s also playing London (don’t know the venue) and Glasgow (Oran Moor)

Peter Carlin reviews the new Beach Boys album

A *long* (and not entirely safe for work) interview with Alan Moore from the late 80s, which let me better understand his reasons for leaving DC than anything else I’d read on the matter.

Zoe on the draft communications bill

Julian Huppert talks about the changes that need to be made to the bill

And a good post about how complaints about the Catwoman #0 cover aren’t about it being ‘too sexy’

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One Response to Linkblogging For 14/06/12

  1. TAD says:

    I’m still not sure what to make of “Strange World.” And that’s after listening to it about 20-25 times. It sounds like a Brian solo recording, really.

    I’ve listened to the entire album about 25 times, and it’s grown on me a lot. I think a lot of our initial reactions to a new BBs or Brian album are overdone, and after listening to it a bunch of times, you start to hear it (hopefully) for what it is. And any pre-conceived notions and expectations aren’t factors anymore.

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