Linkblogging For 08/06/12

Blah blah apology for absence blah overworked and sick blah promise of actual content blah links:

Lance Parkin reviews Beyond Watchmen

Tales Of The City, the new collection of short stories about the City Of The Saved (yes, it’s a spin-off of Faction Paradox which is a spin-off of Doctor Who spin-off novels. I don’t care, it’s also brilliant. Proper review soon) is available as paperback or DRM-free epub and mobi from Obverse Books. Scroll down to where it says Q2.1

Jonathan Calder thinks it’s time for Nick Clegg to connect with the Lib Dems.

The Queen’s English Society has ended, and from this I can see why.

And finally, CeCe McDonald, a black trans woman in Minneapolis, was attacked and disfigured by a gang of white people who had shouted racist and transphobic abuse at her and her friends. In the ensuing fight, as McDonald defended herself, one of her attackers was stabbed with scissors that were in McDonald’s bag and died. In order to avoid a conviction for murder, McDonald had to plea-bargain and accept a guilty plea for manslaughter, and she now has to serve three years in a male prison. Please support her in whatever way you can.

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