Linkblogging For 05/06/012

I’m going to *try* to get some Actual Content up here tonight, or at the latest tomorrow, but I’ve spent the last few days essentially dead from the neck up — we had Plok here as a (very welcome) houseguest from the 22nd of May through the 25th, then went to Cornwall with my parents and my in-laws from the 26th through the 2nd, then Plok was back here on the 2nd, meaning that Sunday was the first day in nearly two weeks that I’d actually spent any time on my own, and I’m pretty much dead from too much social interaction.

So I’m going to *try* to get the latest Kinks piece — and maybe even a MindlessWho — up soon, but for now, here’s links.

Andrew Rilstone on “Was Jack Kirby a good writer, and did Stan Lee matter?”.His final paragraph is brilliant — “Hardly anyone thinks that Ernie Wise was a comic genius. But do we really have to dedicate whole websites to pretending that he really sucked as a straight man?”. Read the comments as well. He also wants to get a group of people together to do a critical exegesis of the first thirty issues of Spider-Man. Given that (with all due respect to my fellow Mindlessesses, Jog, Abhay and so forth) Rilstone’s Who Sent The Sentinels is the single best bit of comic criticism ever, I’m looking forward to that.

Brad Hicks on austerity. It’s things like this that make me determined to actually learn something about economics some day, because this makes perfect sense to me, but so do the arguments from pro-austerity people…

Jennie wants to know if Chris Williamson MP is mad, bad or god misinformed or a liar.

Illuminatus! versus Atlas Shrugged

And finally, Leonard Pierce, one of my favourite bloggers/freelance writers, has put out a book (paperback and DRM-free ebook) of his best short humour pieces, which is *well* worth reading. He’s also offering a variety of services to try to get some money together — including short stories by email, once a month, for $10 each or $100 for a year. Take him up on the offer.

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 05/06/012

  1. The Illuminatus! versus Atlas Shrugged kind of omits the important point that one was (at least in part) parodying the other!

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      True. I get surprised, though, by the number of Rand-worshippers who’ve also read Illuminatus! and claim to have enjoyed that…

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