Linkblogging – And A Break From Blogging – For 22/05/12

When I said the other day that I’d be offline next week, I didn’t realise that this was the week that Plok was coming to visit, so I won’t have time to write for the next couple of days. Since we’re going away on Saturday morning, and I won’t have net access for a week, don’t expect any more blog posts for the next nine days or so.

Have some links to tide you over:

The IPPR argue that Labour needs to plan for coalition with the Lib Dems

Jennie has some useful ideas about cutting red tape for businesses.

Jazz Hands, Serious Business on social mobility and public schools — I come from one or two notches down the social ladder from JHSB, and went to private, rather than public, school, but this is pretty much my experience too.

Caron Lindsay has a good roundup of the Lib Dem bloggers’ responses to the pusillanimous, illiberal, craven decision by Lib Dem FCC to allow the police to decide we no longer have the right to free assembly even at our own conference
. You can take it that I agree with all the posts she links, and with her own comments.

And Power Pop Criminals links to a recording of a concert of solo Paul McCartney songs performed by powerpop greats. I’ve not listened to it yet, but given that it features people like Jeff Foskett, Probyn Gregory, Stew, Morley from Cosmo Topper, P. Hux, Baby Lemonade, Andrew Sandoval, Randell Kirsch, PF Sloan and Darian Sahanaja, I imagine it’s about as good as music gets.

I’ll be back, at the latest, on the second of June. I’ll get a lot of writing done while I’m in Cornwall, with any luck.

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