Unwell Linkblogging For 12/05/12

As some of you will have guessed from my relatively poor writing of late, and from my brusquer-than-normal attitude in the comments sections, I’ve been unwell recently with the stress-related symptoms I get occasionally (though I’ve not really been *well* as such for a year or so, I go through good and bad patches, and the last week or so has been a bad patch), which have made concentrating on anything for any length of time well-nigh impossible (I’ve only been able to read four books in the last fortnight, for example). As a result, today I had such a bad headache and was so tired that I slept through til 4PM, and haven’t been able to write my Mindless Ones Doctor Who post. So that will be up tomorrow, the Kinks post I was going to do tomorrow will be up on Monday, and the Cerebus post I was going to do yesterday will be up on Tuesday. And for now I’ll just post some links.

Matthew Rossi on the result of the North Carolina plebiscite against equal marriage

Bleeding Heart Libertarians on some more positive news — the passage of a trans rights bill in Argentina

Millennium on the failures of the coalition

How ignorant doctors kill patients

Alex on Terror Of The Autons

And a new blog linking to lots of Beach Boys bootlegs, for those who like that sort of thing.

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5 Responses to Unwell Linkblogging For 12/05/12

  1. * snuggle *

    Slightly sozzled and brandy-addled snuggle, but snuggle none the less

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      Thanks :)
      I’m really not doing very well at all right now – I’m writing like shit because my brain won’t think straight, and I’m being far snappier with people than I like to be. These phases pass — last time I felt like this I ended up writing the Seven Soldiers book, which I still think is the best thing I’ve ever done — but they’re depressing while they last, so it’s good to be reminded I haven’t driven all my friends away ;)

  2. andrewducker says:

    I have noticed a correlation between you making an announcement that from now on you will definitely write x pieces per week, on subjects A, B and C, and you posting that your brain has fallen into a singularity a few days later.

    Might I suggest that you stop making promises over what you will produce, I don’t think it’s good for you.

    Just take the time to feel better, write when you feel like it, and enjoy the results (I do!)

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      You’re right — that’s usually a sign that my brain’s not working well enough to remember that I’ve done all that before…

      • Holly says:

        If only you had some kind of wife or something to tell you this! Every bloody time. And it gets me nowhere, every bloody time :)

        (I still love you, don’t worry.)

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