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Linkblogging – And A Break From Blogging – For 22/05/12

When I said the other day that I’d be offline next week, I didn’t realise that this was the week that Plok was coming to visit, so I won’t have time to write for the next couple of days. Since … Continue reading

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New MindlessWho Post

In which the two greatest monsters the Doctor has ever faced team up…

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Linkblogging For 20/05/12

Sorry for the lack of recent posts — I’ve been incredibly busy the last few days (in fact for the last few weeks — I’m more than a month behind with my comics reading). I normally try to get a … Continue reading

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The Kinks’ Music: Percy

A revised version of this essay appears in Preservation: The Kinks’ Music 1964-1974, available in paperback , hardback, Kindle (US), Kindle (UK) , and for all non-Kindle devices from Smashwords. The Kinks’ final album for Pye Records is one that … Continue reading

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New MindlessWho Post

On Genesis Of The Daleks, Terry “Will this do?” Nation’s finest three hours.

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Observation Of The Day Courtesy @LawrenceMiles

Alex Sarll on Facebook linked the infamous ‘last Doctor Who interview’ of Lawrence Miles (the one where he slags off everyone in the Doctor Who world except Jac Rayner, who he says is lovely and doesn’t have an enemy in … Continue reading

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Unwell Linkblogging For 12/05/12

As some of you will have guessed from my relatively poor writing of late, and from my brusquer-than-normal attitude in the comments sections, I’ve been unwell recently with the stress-related symptoms I get occasionally (though I’ve not really been *well* … Continue reading

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