New Short Story Book: Ideas And Entities

I’ve just published my latest book, Ideas And Entities. This collects ten of the short stories I’ve posted here, some of which have already been made available as separate ebooks. As it’s relatively short (82 pages), the paperback version is cheaper than normal, at £6 (no hardback for this one), and this week the Kindle version will be included in my $2.99 sale, before it goes up to $5 (the Smashwords version is $5 right now, as the price has to propagate through all the resellers they use).

The blurb:
In Ideas And Entities, Andrew Hickey, author of Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!, asks such questions as:

What if the singularity was brought about by social media gaming?
Who really wrote Shakespeare’s plays?
What should you do if you accidentally defame a werewolf?
Are physicists keeping the secret of time travel to themselves?
And is it possible to have people agree with you too much?
These and other questions are answered in the ten science fiction and fantasy stories found inside.

Contains the short stories:
Jeeves And The Singularity
The Shakespeare Code
Occupational Elf
Bubble Universe
Print The Legend
Boltzmann And Boltzwomann
The Singularity
Free Will And Testament
Rite Of Passage

I’d really appreciate if those of you who have enjoyed any of my short stories so far would let people know about this — it doesn’t have a built-in market the way my books on music do, and no-one’s going to find out about it unless you tell them.

It’s available now in paperback, Kindle (UK), Kindle (US) and other ebook formats. (The Kindle links might not work til later tonight).

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