Linkblogging For 19/04/12

I’m hoping to get the next Kinks post up tonight, but in the meantime here’s some links:

Bloated website code drains smartphone batteries. Obvious, of course, but nice to have some numbers on it. Look at those numbers, web designers, and think of just how much energy that javascript and flash monstrosity you’re coding is actually using. There’s a reason why I keep this site as plain as you can get with wordpress, and for the most part stick to just text.

Playing D&D With Porn Stars has a great piece jumping off from a letter from William Burroughs to Truman Capote, and using that as a springboard for a talk about the nature of art and of fandom. The article is safe for work, but the site, as you would expect from the name, isn’t.

David Brothers, who seems to improve as a writer every time I look away for a nanosecond, has been doing a great series of pieces on the moral failing behind the new Watchmen prequels DC is putting out. Unlike David, I cannot quite bring myself, yet, to stop buying DC comics as a result of this. Unlike the people who he’s arguing with (all of whom are the bad type of fan D&D With Porn Stars excoriates) I see this as a moral failing in myself, rather than something to be proud of (I make moral choices all the time to boycott various forms of entertainment. I have to compromise my principles somewhat if I want to live anything other than the most ascetic life. But it is still a compromise.) Rather amazingly, the comic writer Chris Roberson feels so strongly about this, in part because of David’s pieces, that he’s quit DC for good.

And we’ve seen recently that Racist UKIP have started to pick up a lot of protest voters. This shows why that is very worrying — a councillor who’s a member of Racist UKIP and wants people on benefits to lose the right to vote. I can understand people not liking the current government and wanting to ‘send a signal’, but that signal shouldn’t be “we want to take the franchise away from poor people”.

In (I hope) better news, the new Beach Boys single has announced cover art. No release date yet, but sometime this month. Then we’ll know if the reunion was a great, or a terrible,idea.

Cover to the new Beach Boys single. Shows an old-fashoned plastic portable radio, in yellow, with "That's Why God Made The Radio" written on it. Also shows the words "The Beach Boys" in a nostalgic typeface the band have used off and on since 1976.

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  1. TAD says:

    I suspect that you’ve already heard the entire album. And in fact you’ve got a special mix of vocals only, and the backing tracks, and you’ve been listening to it all for months…..

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