Linkblogging for 16/04/12

I’ll have some proper posts up later this week, but for now, links:

A really nice post on Cosmic Variance talking about something I’d somehow missed, even though it’s research from 13 years ago and quite widely known — David Deutsch showed that you can derive the Born rule by using the Many Worlds Interpretation and Decision Theory. I’m sure it’s old news to everyone else, but having not come across it before (the perils of being an autodidact) I was quite staggered by how beautifully neat a line of reasoning it is, doing the crucial thing and replacing concepts of probability (which have no meaning in a deterministic multiverse) with those of information. Just lovely.

Bedazzled has a link to Sing Slowly Sisters, an unreleased Robin Gibb album from the late 60s. Normally you wouldn’t expect me to be linking to bootlegs of solo albums by the third-most-talented Bee Gee, but this has been a favourite of mine for ages. It’s a strange, odd album that’s actually improved by being sourced from third- or fourth-generation cassette copies, and has a lot of the same feel as the Bee Gees’ own Odessa, or the Four Seasons’ Genuine Imitation Life Gazette, or some of Jimmy Webb’s work around that time.

The National Library Of Ireland are slowly making digital copies of Joyce’s manuscripts and drafts and putting them online

Dave Page on the Lib Dem FCC’s repeated attempts to force accreditation on an unwilling party.
and Millennium Elephant on the same subject

Tobias Buckell has a roundup of various posts from people who should know, about the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against the major publishers. All are worth reading.

The Beach Boys’ new album is available for pre-order on US Amazon, with a release date of June 5.

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