Linkblogging For 13/04/12

Just a quickie today. Also, I’ve not been receiving email notifications for some of the comments that have been being posted here, recently — I only noticed Jennie’s comment on the story the other day because I was doing some blog admin stuff and it was at the top of the list. If I’ve not replied to your comment and I should have, that’s probably why.

Power Pop Criminals has a live recording of the Wondermints from 2000

Orange Crate Art on the anti-digit dialing league – an early example of the fight against bad user interfaces

Journeys With Autism on the portrayal of mothers who murder their disabled children

Heresy Corner on Demos’ claim that religious people are ‘more left wing’

And Millennium on Labour’s claims about new changes in taxes and what’s actually going on.

Finally, for the Beach Boys fans among you who are in two minds about the upcoming tour (which is alas not going to hit the UK — anyone have any advice about travelling in Rome and Milan for me?), two interesting facts: Al Jardine has said they’ve discussed singing Our Prayer as part of the show, and the official Brian Wilson Facebook page posted today (the day after rehearsals for the tour started) the lyrics to the first chorus of Busy Doin’ Nothin’. This could be interesting…

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 13/04/12

  1. rabensam says:

    Much obliged for that Wondermints link! Hearing them cover Barry Gray’s UFO theme (and nailing it) has improved my life a small but measurable amount, no fooling.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      It’s a bit good, isn’t it? Much as I love the way the Wondermints have contributed to Brian Wilson’s band, I do wish we’d had some actual new Wondermints music in the last decade or so.

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