Linkblogging for 01/04/12

Apologies for the continued radio silence. I’ve been too tired and stressed this week from work stuff to get any writing done other than half the next Kinks piece and 800 words of the second Peculiar Branch short story. I should have the Kinks post done by tomorrow, but if nothing else there’s a four-day weekend next week so I should be able to get some stuff done then.

My writing this year has been pretty pitiful, but I tend to have a cycle of about five months good stuff/five months rubbish with my writing, and I’m overdue to get out of the ‘rubbish’ part of the cycle, so bear with me. I’ll soon be producing more stuff along the lines of Sci-Ence! Justice Leak! or An Incomprehensible Condition when my brain slips into that mode again.

Meanwhile, links:

I normally loathe April Fools’ Day, and I think the geek obsession with Lovecraft is overdone, but this still made me laugh.

After all the fuss Labour made about the Health & Social Care Act supposedly bringing in all sorts of charges (it doesn’t) and screaming that the LiberaTor coalition are destroying the NHS, Labour in Manchester are trying to bring in charges for A&E visits. Luckily, the Health & Social Care Act that supposedly destroyed the NHS (it went into force a little while ago – note the totally undestroyed NHS) makes that illegal, though that doesn’t seem to be stopping Labour from trying. But then, the Labour party were never very big on the rule of law…

Terence Eden wants tech companies to stop trying to give him an erection

The BBC have on iPlayer a documentary on the Monkees narrated by Mark Radcliffe, until Thursday.

Jonathan Calder links to a piece from last year on why Nick Clegg should be trusted on civil liberties, and says correctly that we need to be vigilant against the home office trying to push the government back

And Alex Wilcock on Doctor Who, The Daemons, Barry Letts and Tim Farron.

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3 Responses to Linkblogging for 01/04/12

  1. TAD says:

    Do you have any interesting inside info on the Beach Boys upcoming album? Just curious. Basically I know 4 possible song titles: Do It Again, That’s Why God Made the Radio, Beaches in Mind, and possibly Waves of Love (which seems to have been diverted to a bonus track on Al’s solo album). I’m guessing that Beach in Mind was co-written by Mike. Just a wild guess, though.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      I know that apparently That’s Why God… is a Joe Thomas/Jim Peterik collaboration, which inspires no confidence at all. The title The Private Life Of Bill And Sue (or something like that) has been mentioned too. Probyn has said it sounds like 80s Beach Boys, which again doesn’t sound good :-/

      • TAD says:

        I assume That’s Why God was co-written by Brian, though? I think Thomas/Peterik co-wrote the Dream Angel song from the Imagination album, if I remember right. Ewwwwwwwww……you’re right, that doesn’t bode well. And everyone has been so enthusiastic about the song, too. Hopefully Brian wrote the vast majority of it, and Thomas/Peterik just wrote a couple lines each, or something.

        I saw that Probyn Gregory interview. Agreed, the comparison with 80s Beach Boys doesn’t sound like a compliment.

        Still, the recording of Do It Again gives me some hope. It’s an honest-sounding record……no superfluous overdubs to speak of, or attempts to make it sound BIG.

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