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Linkblogging For 28/04/12

No MindlessWho today as The Beast Must Die has a post up on Mindless Ones for today already. I’ll try to get it up on Monday (this is why I give myself some free days in the new schedule). Incidentally, … Continue reading

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Repost: Cerebus Introduction

I’ll be posting the first essay in my series of posts on Cerebus tonight. I tried this last year, though, and didn’t get very far,so I thought I’d repost the introduction I wrote then, so people would know what I … Continue reading

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Cerebus is possibly the most daunting work in the whole history of art. This is not an exaggeration. In every other field of art, other than comics, an artist works on different projects over the course of her career. James … Continue reading

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Getting Some Discipline Around Here

This blog has been becoming more chaotic recently, and I’ve started more and more projects that I haven’t finished. So I’m going to try to set myself an actual schedule, so I can complete some of these. So for at … Continue reading

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Quick Notes About The Beach Boys Tour

The opening night was last night, and while I wasn’t there (I repeat, I *wasn’t there*, this is not a review, I’ll be posting my own reviews in July, when I go to Italy to see the tour), a LOT … Continue reading

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New Short Story Book: Ideas And Entities

I’ve just published my latest book, Ideas And Entities. This collects ten of the short stories I’ve posted here, some of which have already been made available as separate ebooks. As it’s relatively short (82 pages), the paperback version is … Continue reading

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New Book Out Tonight

Just a heads-up that my next book, Ideas And Entities will be out tonight. It’s a short book — around 80 pages — and contains ten short stories, all of which have been posted here before. Proper post when it’s … Continue reading

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