Linkblogging For 25/3/12

What bastard stole my hour in bed this morning? I want it back!

The Canadian entrant for Miss Universe has apparently been disqualified for being trans. Gail Simone links to a petition to get her reinstated. (I don’t do online petitions myself, but you might).

Leonard Pierce talks about racism in America today, with reference to the Trayvon Martin case, while Brad Hicks talks about the law that made it possible – one that effectively legalises murder.

What you can do about the Tory cash-for-access scandal.

Millennium Elephant on who is actually worse off under the so-called ‘granny tax’.

And John Leech on the latest roadblock thrown up by the Lords in the campaign to pardon Alan Turing (and all the other gay and bi men convicted of consensual homosexual activity)

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