Linkblogging For 07/03/12

I’ve not had much energy for writing these last few days, and also have been distracted by various other projects (for example finishing up a book proposal that I’ve sent off to a publisher), hence me being behind on my various series of posts. New material will be posted soon. In the meantime, have some links.

Andrew Rilstone asks Does DC Comics’ appalling opportunistic corporate piece-of-shit money-grabbing Watchmen rip-off really matter? and talks about what counts as folk music.

If you like ‘banter’, you are an idiot.

Neil Gaiman on writers’ block. To his ‘laziness, perfectionism and getting stuck’, I’d add exhaustion – those of us who have day jobs often can’t finish a piece of writing simply because we’re too tired out by life – but the general rule is true.

Alex Wilcock has two more things to remember about Labour.

The new City Of The Saved short story collection is available for pre-order

Millennium Elephant argues the case for the mansion tax

And Big Finish are releasing a Bernice Summerfield special, with the money going to M.E. research

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2 Responses to Linkblogging For 07/03/12

  1. Daddy Alex has really got his mojo back the last few days, hasn’t he? Every one of those things to remember about Labopur posts is excellent.

  2. Andrew Hickey says:


    Incidentally, I’ve been trying to reply to your Me Me, but I can’t because of the style thing, so I’ll reply here:

    Can you vajazzle and be a feminist?
    What’s a vajazzle? I’ll guess “yes”.

    Is it sexist to call a woman “love” or “dear”?
    Depends on who’s doing the calling, and who it is they’re calling it.

    Does Katie Price let women down?
    What’s a Katie Price?

    Should women take their husband’s name when they get married?
    No, they should get their own damn names. I’ve been Andrew Hickey for 33 years and I’m not going to have it taken off me by some damn woman.

    Is Rihanna a feminist icon?
    What’s a Rhianna?

    Who should pay the bill on a date?
    Whoever can afford to.

    Is stripping an acceptable career choice?
    Not for me, or at least I have yet to persuade anyone to pay me.

    What feminist issues do you think are more important than any of the ones asked about above?
    I think feminist issues generally are more important than the stuff asked about above.

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