Manning campaign respond to misgendering accusations

The Manning campaign have finally acknowledged the gender issue (warning, may be triggering for trans-related stuff and for sexual harassment related stuff). They say that as far as they are able to determine, Manning wishes to be referred to as male and as ‘Brad’ or ‘Bradley’, but crucially also acknowledge that hir circumstances mean that hir expressed wishes and actual wishes may be different, and say that it is hir wishes that should be respected.

I’m still not at all comfortable with this – it may well be misgendering – but at least they’re thinking about it and taking the issue seriously.

Whatever gender s/he wishes to be addressed as, the important thing of course is that Manning is being tortured (and yes, hir conditions do count as torture under international law) and is facing the death penalty for releasing the wikileaks documents, yet many so-called ‘progressives’ are far more interested in defending the self-aggrandising admitted rapist (read his testimony) Julian Assange, who merely dumped those documents on a website…

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