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Quick Review Honesty Note

I’ve said I’m going to review every new book I get on Amazon. Just as a point of fact, I’ve got two books on the Kinks today, actually from Amazon, but I won’t be reviewing them – they both would … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 25/3/12

What bastard stole my hour in bed this morning? I want it back! The Canadian entrant for Miss Universe has apparently been disqualified for being trans. Gail Simone links to a petition to get her reinstated. (I don’t do online … Continue reading

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The Kinks’ Music – Face To Face

A revised version of this essay appears in Preservation: The Kinks’ Music 1964-1974, available in paperback , hardback, Kindle (US), Kindle (UK) , and for all non-Kindle devices from Smashwords. Face To Face is very much a transitional album for … Continue reading

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New MindlessWho post

This one’s on Day Of The Daleks. I have the flu, so I’m not quite coherent – I may have inadvertantly equated Nick Briggs revoicing the Daleks with the Baader-Meinhoff gang. But I may not. Why not read it and … Continue reading

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Shada, by Gareth Roberts and Douglas Adams

(Continuing my policy of reviewing every new book I buy and read, I’m crossposting this to Amazon UK) It’s difficult to know how much information to give in a review of Shada, the latest in the BBC’s line of Doctor … Continue reading

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Using Spotify to sync music to iPod from GNU/Linux

Just a very quick tip for Linux users with iPods – you can use Spotify to sync music between your desktop and the iPod. The reason I mention this is that my wife’s well-meaning parents got her an iPod for … Continue reading

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New Doctor Who post on Mindless Ones

On The Daemons and pseudoscience.

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