RIP Davy Jones

Some people have said that in my book on the Monkees I’m a little harsh on Davy Jones. It’s entirely possible that I am. But even so, he was capable of some great music, like this:

The thing is, Jones was primarily an actor, rather than a singer or songwriter, which is why he doesn’t come across especially well in my book, because it focuses on the music. Were I talking about the band as *entertainers* though, I would have placed Jones at the top of the list. The man had a stunning stage presence, was effortlessly funny, and seemed a genuinely decent person (as for example in this anecdote from Mark Evanier about an appearance from only a couple of weeks ago)

Davy Jones made my childhood happier with his TV show, and he made my adulthood happier with his work on some of my favourite albums and in one of my favourite films. I feel very, very lucky that I got to see him live on what must now be the last ever Monkees tour.

I have a horrible feeling that my Monkees book will start to sell more, now, for all the wrong reasons. I don’t want to profit off the death of a man I admire, so any profits I make from sales of my Monkees book in March will be given to a Manchester-based charity (since Davy was from Manchester and I live there, I thought that a donation to improve the city he came from would be a good way to go). At the moment, I’m leaning towards the Booth Centre, a drop-in centre for homeless people, but if anyone has any better suggestions let me know in the comments.

Meanwhile, here’s a spotify playlist of some of his best moments as a singer (not all of them — Spotify doesn’t have his lovely version of Nine Times Blue, or the cast album for The Point, or his version of McCartney’s Man We Was Lonely). When he was good, he was *bloody* good, wasn’t he?

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6 Responses to RIP Davy Jones

  1. xandimusic says:

    Really RIP Davy Jones!! Thanks for these sad news….. But like your blog!

  2. (s. barrios here / aka “tdaschel” on LiveJournal) .. was pleased to mention your Monkees book on the Fessbook in coniunction with – that’s right – a link to the *trooly outstanding* “Daddy’s Song” from Head. i can only HOPE to catch up to your subtle and penetrating commentary !

  3. Hal says:

    Sad to hear this, I’d think it almost impossible not to like at least *some* of the Monkees’ charming music while the tv show was a memorable part of my and many other’s childhood. Rarely a week seems to go by without a Monkees song entering my mind. Also quite coincedental that I caught Mr Jones at the end of a documentary on “Boy Bands” at the weekend, and, of course, to be crude the Monkees p**s all over the “works” of the likes of Take That or Westlife from a Very Great Height. Has Bary Garlow written anything an ounce as good as Randy Scouse Git (Alternate Title)? A thousand times “NO”!
    Mr Jones’s death among other things brings to mind dialogue from The Five Doctors of all things (excuse any mistakes) “pieces of my past…detaching themselves like icebergs. R.I.P. Davy Jones (and David Rathband).

  4. Simon Jerram says:

    Davy went to the same school as my mum and grew up about 5-10 minutes walk from where I did.

    • Andrew Hickey says:

      He had a lot of local ties, apparently — one of our local Lib Dems who I do regular door-knocking with (a councillor til last year) is a distant relative, and talks about how he’d always pop into the local pubs when he came back to Manchester to visit his family.

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