Short Break From Blogging – Plus Linkblogging

I’ll be taking a little break from regular blogging for the next few days. I will be posting the next Mindless Who post on Thursday, but otherwise things will be quiet here for a while (I’ll do a linkblog most days though).

This is not because I’ll have stopped writing – rather the opposite.

I now have enough short stories to make up half a decent-sized collection – the three actual stories from Four Stories About The Singularity (“Are We Living In A Comic Book?” is already collected in Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!), plus Bubble Universe, The Shakespeare Code and Boltzmann And Boltzwoman. I also have a title for the collection – Ideas And Entities.

So my plan for the next short while is to write six more stories to go with them. I’m going to submit them all to paying markets – multiple ones in some cases – but will post them up here if/when they get rejected. Once I have twelve stories total that are available for collection (if I sell a story to a magazine they’ll have a limited period of exclusivity for that story) I’ll put the collection together.

Incidentally, would anyone be interested in such a collection? My fiction tends to get linked rather heavily by my friends, but few people buy the ebooks. I’m *hoping* that’s just because people don’t buy short stories, rather than because they’re crap…

Once I’ve got six decent stories written, I’m going to typeset PEP! 3 and then return properly.

Anyway, links:

Arkhonia’s posted a summary page for his mammoth set of posts about Smile

Dean Wesley Smith on the actual costs involved in self-publishing

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, on the way people are shamed for reading romance novels.
There’s an element of this with any genre fiction, of course, but doubly so for romance because of sexist double standards…

Alex Wilcock is doing a short series of posts on Things To Remember About Labour. Here’s parts one, two and three.

Lance Parkin on digital comics

And finally, the Beach Boys tour dates are going to be announced tomorrow.

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