Linkblogging for 08/02/12

I accidentally had 13 hours’ sleep and only got up an hour ago, so while I’m hoping to at least get the next chapter of Time Detective up today, I might not have anything properly blogged today (I’m also writing a short story today, but am going to try to submit that to a paying market before posting it here). So in case I have nothing else up today, here are some links:

Wondermark looks at how 19th century discussions of copyright law parallel today’s arguments about the same subject.

An interesting blog I don’t think I’ve linked to before – Bleeding Heart Libertarians. This is a group of USians who come from a Libertarian tradition of thought, but who want to combine that with concern for social justice. They appear to be slowly re-inventing Liberalism (in the European sense, rather than in the American) for themselves from Libertarian first principles.

The great Jac Rayner has revived her blog about girls’ comics of the 70s, with this post which also touches on disablism in the media and the way ATOS marks clearly ill people as fit for work.

John Leech is not letting the government’s response to his Early Day Motion on pardoning Alan Turing stop the campaign.

A petition to Marvel to properly credit Jack Kirby
. Unfortunately doesn’t work well in browsers with NoScript, and I couldn’t be bothered to figure out which of the thirty different JavaScript sources it seems to want you to allow are actually necessary, but still a worthwhile petition.

Tim at The Hurting talks about the morality of Marvel and DC comics contracts

I feel odd about linking to the Mindless Ones as much now that I’m one of them, feels a bit like nepotism, but just go over there and read or listen to all the stuff on the front page – some great stuff there at the moment, everyone’s doing good work.

And TARDIS Eruditorum on Alan Moore’s Doctor Who comics work.

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