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RIP Davy Jones

Some people have said that in my book on the Monkees I’m a little harsh on Davy Jones. It’s entirely possible that I am. But even so, he was capable of some great music, like this: The thing is, Jones … Continue reading

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Linkblogging For 29/2/12

Just a few links – have not had my brain in the right place for writing for a few days… Lance Parkin is writing a biography of Alan Moore Jonathan Calder on Sarah Teather’s ridiculous comments about an ‘educated liberal … Continue reading

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For Those Who Don’t Get My Beach Boys Obsession…

GAH! This originally posted with the worst thing ever, rather than Brian Wilson. I apologise more than words can say for that. Watch this, then you either will get it, or you’ll know you never will: (For those who care, … Continue reading

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A Beginners’ Guide To The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are a hard band to get into. When Mike Taylor asked a while back in the comments to one of my posts which Beach Boys albums someone should try, I actually drew a blank. This is because … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not Discussing Politics Much Right Now

Posted this to Facebook, but then thought it might as well go here too. I’m having a lot of difficulty in discussing politics at the moment. The problem is that so often debate is polarised between two false alternatives, and … Continue reading

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On Sentient Universes, The Problem Of Evil, Grant Morrison, Doctor Who and other such stuff

Blame Philip Sandifer for this. I meant to write another short story today (I still might). I thought I’d said everything I had to say about Grant Morrison, and more, between my book on Seven Soldiers and Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!. … Continue reading

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A Request To All Readers – Review Books You’ve Bought

I’ve only recently become aware of reviews on sites like Amazon from the point of view of an author, rather than that of a reader. As a reader, I’ve rarely, if ever, reviewed books I’ve bought from a website. But … Continue reading

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