Linkblogging For 26/01/12

I’ll be mostly absent from the internet for the next few days – I’m working odd hours today (4-10PM), then normal hours tomorrow, on Saturday I’m doing Lib Dem leafletting and on Sunday I’ve got to fill out my tax return for the money I earned from writing last year (what money, he said laughing hollowly). And all this while quite seriously ill. I’m going to *try* to get the next MindlessWho post up, but otherwise don’t expect anything before Tuesday or Wednesday.

So here’s some links:

Millennium Elephant cautiously welcomes Nick Clegg’s speech, but thinks the Lib Dems need to take a different attitude towards people on benefits. I agree.

The Aporetic on Gingrich’s… interesting… choice to refer to the Lincoln/Douglas debates

Kristine Rusch on how self-publishers are ignoring readers.

Autism And Empathy on how claims that people with autism have no empathy are a human-rights issue.

Two great posts from Teatime Brutality, on Avengers vs X-Men and Mass Effect. Warning as always with this tumblr that while those posts are safe for work, others on that blog definitely aren’t.

James Graham wants to know why landlords aren’t “in this together”

And Charles Stross continues his series on SF worldbuilding with a post on ‘unknown unknowns’

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