Linkblogging For 19/01/12

I’ve got some decent posts lined up for the next few days – How We Know What We Know and Bigger On The Outside ones, and one on the Kinks, but I’m tired today, so just links.

Apple’s new iBooks Author program has a EULA which states that you can’t use the program (essentially a jumped-up text editor) to write a book if you want to sell that book through any stores other than Apple’s! Sometimes people wonder why I only use Free (as in freedom) Software (well, other than Spotify…) and this kind of thing is why. When I write a book in LyX, I can do whatever I want, not just with the book but with the program as well.
But this is part of an incredibly stupid war that’s going on now with the major ebook stores trying desperately to get as many writers as they can to be exclusive (see also the even-more-evil Amazon KDP Select), so they can claim to sell more books than their competitors, even if those books are written by the kind of people who fall for things like that.

Andrew Rilstone has put out his latest book. This one’s on the Inklings, and I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. Incidentally, if you buy his book from Lulu today or tomorrow, you can use the price code PRICETHAWUK to get 20% off. That applies to all Lulu books, so why not pick up some of mine, or my uncle’s, or Simon Bucher-Jones’ or Lawrence Burton’s or Chris Browning’s too? But do buy Andrew’s book – the parts of it that he’s posted on his blog are great.

Hammer are reissuing their 1958 Dracula with additional restored footage.

Bob Temuka on a rather different version of Cerebus

And Arkhonia continues his series of Smile posts with one on the great Van Dyke Parks.

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